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Hi everyone! I have nothing to do today. So I'm working on my site. I need to go somewhere though and stop looking at my computer screen. Oh well. This site can be sometimes fun and at other times really boring. This is an example of one of the latter times. Anyway, nothing really to update you on except I added this little blog type thing. Well, I got to go.

It's Valentines Day. You probably already knew that, I'm just reminding you. Anyway, added some more adoptions. Also going to see Win a Date With Tad Hamilton today.

I added an Interactive Story in the You section. You basically write the first part of the story and someone adds on to it. I also added a tagboard and the link is above. And if you didn't see it on the homepage, there is now a visitor counter. Also, Christina guessed the movie. Go to the You section to guess the movie. Joined more fanlistings. Also added my mood and my guestbook.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I made a new layout. If you like it, good, if you don't, I don't care because I like it. Anyway, I also added some adoptions and fixed the text so it is a smaller size.

I joined a lot of fanlistings so you can see them in the www section. I also added some of my awards I won with my old site. I'm still trying to think of something creative. If you think of something specific that would make a great addition to my site, then e-mail me at Just remember this site is a work in progress. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Made a new layout. To me it looks better. I also added Alien Information in the me section, Credits in the www section, and a LOTR word search in the you section. I have to come up with some creative stuff though. Who wants to hear all about me and my boring life? I don't think anyone would answer yes to that question, so that means I have to add some creative and interesting stuff.

Added the map so click on Me, You or WWW on the layout to go to those sections. You and WWW sections are still not up but added My Numerous Names and Quiz Results in the Me section. If you have any comments or suggestions then e-mail me at Thanks for visiting!

Just put up site. Going to add a me, you and www, page in a little while. Right now I'm just trying to get the layout working. I thought it would be really cool if the links were the characters in Lord of the Rings but I don't know how to. If anyone wants to help me do this to my site, then please e-mail me the HTML to I will of course make a link to your web site and give you credit. I will also make an award for you to put up on your site for helping me out so much. I doubt you would want to help but if you do please e-mail me the HTML to the e-mail address above. Hope you enjoy the site once I get the stuff up.